MINEOLA, Texas (KETK) – Pecan season is here, but due to the drought conditions in East Texas farmers say it may not be a good year. 

Michael Alford with Alford Family Farm says they have about 350 pecan trees, and so far only a few of their trees are starting to produce a crop.

“We can’t irrigate heavily, the biggest thing is the lack of water right now for us,” said Alford.

With most of East Texas under drought conditions during a critical time in the pecans growth, farmers are losing their crop.

“Drought in early season keeps the nuts from growing to their full size potential,” said Dr. Monte Nesbitt, Texas A&M Agrilife Extension.

Where on a good year you could see trees full of green dots, now you rarely see them and they’re smaller.

“Reports are it’s going to be about like last year. The drought and heat are really taking its toll in some areas. Texas is not looking real good,” said Mike Griffith, co-owner of The Pecan House Country Store.

Mike Griffith relies on a good pecan season to run his business The Pecan House Country Store. He is having to get the crop from other states to keep up causing prices to probably go up.

“There’s a good chance that you will see an increase, just because the overall harvest may be down because of the drought conditions that are so prominent,” said Griffith.

Both Alford and Griffith are just hoping for rain, and that the pecan season can be turned around.

“That’s what we are praying for, because they still have months until they totally ready, so it’s not too late for rain to make a difference on this years crop and next years,” said Alford.

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