DALLAS-FORT WORTH AREA, Texas (KETK) – An 11-year-old Dallas-area girl was rescued from a storm drain after her underground exploration with her sister got derailed by snakes.

On Wednesday, Tori Stovall and her sister Carly, 13, decided to go exploring, at their home, according to our NBC affiliate KXAS.

“We just like playing together,” Tori told KXAS. “If she was going to do it, I thought I might as well do it.”

Photo by Southlake DPS

Tori, who went first, quickly learned she was not alone and was then trapped by snakes.

“And she looks up and there’s this snake,” Carly said.

Tori went to the center, to go to the other side, but realized there was another problem.

“I made it to the center,” Tori said. “I thought I could just go out the other tunnel since there are two ways out…and I immediately saw another snake.”

Snakes were in both directions and Tori was caught in the middle.

At one point Carly told Tori to “just close your eyes and crawl under it before mom finds out,” Southlake DPS said. Afterward, Tori allegedly burst into tears.

Carly got her mother, Nikki who was working inside, according to KXAS, and she evaluated the situation and called for help.

Firefighters and police arrived and sprung into action.

“How did you get down there?” a firefighter asked Tori.

“I crawled,” she replied.

Firefighters were able to lift a heavy metal grate above her hand and were able to grab Tori and bring her to safety.

“Just needed a few strong heroes and they just flipped that thing right open and yanked her right out,” her mother told KXAS.

Nikki said her daughters knew better than to play in a storm drain, but were not in any trouble, according to KXAS.

“I’m just glad I’m still not under there near a snake anymore,” Tori said.

Nikki said that she was not impressed they made the decision to go wander in there.

“I’m proud of them for problem-solving,” Nikki added.

For the two young girls, it was a lesson of a lifetime.

“No, I will not go under there again,” Tori said to KXAS.