TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The state of Texas has seen some extreme weather conditions, from the February winter storm in 2021 to Hurricanes, tornados and many more.

As of 2022, the National Centers for Environmental Information and State Climate Extremes Committee (SCEC) shared records of the most extreme weather in Texas.

The following information was provided by the National Center for Environmental Information and SCEC.

Hottest Temperature:

As summer comes around, it may feel hot, but on Aug. 12, 1936, and June 28, 1994, Texans experienced their hottest season ever with 120°F in the West Texas area.

Coolest Temperature:

In contrast, the lowest temperatures Texans have ever experienced were on Feb. 12, 1899, in Tulia, and Feb. 8, 1933, in Seminole at -23°F.


In 1979, the city of Alvin experienced the most rainfall with 42 in. from July 25 – 26.


Although Tulia and Seminola experienced the coldest temperatures, on Feb. 7, 1956, Vega experienced 33 in. of snow depth and on Dec. 20-21, 1929, Hillsboro experienced 26 in. in snowfall for a 24-hour period.


On April 28, 2021, Hondo experienced the biggest hail with records reaching the following:

  • Weight: 1.26 lb.
  • Circumference: 19.73 in.
  • Diameter: 6.416 in.
  • Volume: 40.239 cu. in.

The State Climate Extremes Committee (SCEC) was created in 2006 in response to the need for proper and comprehensive evaluation of meteorological observations which may have tied or exceeded existing statewide all-time record values.