TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Texas Parks and Wildlife officials are warning people to wait before “unnecessarily” picking up wild animals.

According to officials, these encounters between the general public and the young animals, most commonly baby birds and fawns are “unnecessary and can even be detrimental to the animal.”

May and June are the most common months that white-tail deer give birth to their fawns, during those first few weeks “mother deer typically leave their fawns bedded down while they are away foraging,” Texas Parks officials said. The fawn has not been abandoned.

Officials advise that unless the fawn has visible wounds, it should not be handled or disturbed.

The same is said for baby birds. A baby bird crying in a nest, is not abandoned according to officials, and the parents are often times close by.

For blown-down nests with uninjured birds inside, it is advised that the nest be replaced in the tree it fell from or in a nearby tree.

For grounded baby birds, officials said it is best to let them be, as a parent will usually be foraging nearby. It is common for birds to “fledge” from the nest before becoming flight ready.

Texas Park officials said that for more information, contact the TPWD wildlife information line at 800-792-1112.