BOWIE (KFDX/KJTL) — The holidays are here and there are plenty of stories of giving during the season. This one is a little different, though!

Year-round, one Bowie man puts in the hours to make sure anyone who wants to can ride in style. From kids’ bikes and racing bikes to BMX bikes and even peddle scooters, Jack McDonald does it all and gives back while doing it.

“Well, I spent my retirement on old cars,” McDonald said. “Then I finished the car which is sitting right here, and I didn’t have anything to do.”

Like the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

“And on my walk for exercise, I found a little boy’s bike someone was putting in the trash and I completely refurbished it, detailed it and made it look like new and didn’t know what I was going to do with it,” McDonald said. “Then I found a little boy who would take it and the next day, I found a little girl’s bike at a garage sale, the coming weekend, second Monday, I went out and bought five and that got me started.”

Now two years later, Bowie’s Jack McDonald isn’t slowing down.

“People, by word of mouth, have found what I’m doing and they’ll donate bikes to me or will call me to come get them, sometimes they leave them here,” McDonald said.

The 81-year-old isn’t just fixing these up to sell.

“Most of them I’ve given to the Bowie Mission, but I’ve taken some to the Nocona Food Bank, Montague Christ Can Food Bank,” McDonald said. “I’ll set ’em outside the curb though by my shop or by house and people will pick them up.”

The stories of giving go on…

“People will stop and see me working. A woman saw the bikes and said I’m looking for a bike for my grandson, she said, ‘I can have it?’ I’ll load it for you and it’s yours,” McDonald said.

And on…

“He brought his grandson over there and the lady said you should’ve seen him, he was like ‘grandpa look it just looks like my tricycle, it’s John Deere’ and she said he was tickled to death.”

With some bikes even go international.

“So I load it up for her and she had a pickup and she said, ‘I’m sending this to Mexico to my brother. He can’t get one down there. I’m gonna ship it to Mexico,'” McDonald said.

Keeping Jack busy with an extra special meaning.

“But I move them on to someone else and it’s given me a purpose and it’s made me feel good,” McDonald said.

From reactions among recipients to reactions from community.

“People leave them knowing what I’m going to do with them so that makes me feel good too,” McDonald said.

A hobby that helps keep people riding in style.

Again McDonald is in Bowie but has given bikes out all across Texoma. If you’re interested in a Mr. Jack Bike for the holiday season head down over to bowie!