SAN MARCOS, Texas (TEXAS TRIBUNE) – Texas State University in San Marcos will host the first in a series of four scheduled general election debates next year on Sept. 16, 2024, Texas State officials announced Monday.

The university will become the first location in Texas to host a presidential debate, school officials said. Texas State is also the only university in Texas with a United States president alumnus, Lyndon B. Johnson who served as the 36th U.S. president and graduated in 1930.

“It’s fitting that the only university in Texas to graduate a U.S. president will be the first university in Texas to host a presidential debate,” said Texas State University System Chancellor Brian McCall. “This is an exciting time at Texas State, and we can’t wait to showcase our great university before a global audience.”

Jack Martin, distinguished alumnus and former chair of the Texas State University System Board of Regents, will chair the Texas State Presidential Debate Committee, which will coordinate fundraising efforts related to the debate.