RICHMOND, Texas (WTNH) — A Texas woman is being told to remove her front yard Halloween display by her homeowners association. The problem? She set up a skeleton strip club.

In one photo the skeletons, dressed in colorful wigs and spotlit at night, are frozen mid-dance with two on chairs and a third upside down, holding onto a pole.

Nava has named her open-air “establishment” The Candy Shop, and says she hopes it puts a smile on the faces of people who pass by her Richmond home.

Some have complained, however, calling the display inappropriate for a family community.

“I believe we live in the greatest country in the entire world. And we do have the right to self-expression and creativity. And this is my way of being creative and having an outlet. There’s no harm. I’m not hurting anyone,” says Angela Nava.

Nava has been told to take down the display in 30 days, which is okay with her because Halloween will be long over by then.