HOUSTON (KETK) – A woman is wanted in the Houston area after she threw a wine bottle at an employee and knocked over several shelves before robbing a Walgreens.

According to our NBC affiliate, KPRC, the woman identified as 28-year-old Liesha Nakia Groover is charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon in the Nov. 26 incident.

The robbery took place at a Walgreens in the 500 block of West Little York Road in North Houston.

According to KPRC, court documents show that Groover was attempting to purchase an item when she got into an argument with the cashier about the change she believed she was owed. During the argument, Groover demanded all of the money from the register and tried to get behind the counter.

The employee refused to give the woman any cash and told her only employees were allowed behind the counter.

Groover then knocked over several shelves inside the store before she started throwing several bottles of wine on the ground, a criminal complaint stated, according to KPRC. She then threw a wine bottle at the cashier’s head before grabbing another wine bottle and leaving the store in a black SUV.

The bottle hit the wall behind the cashier, who was not injured, according to KPRC.

The store’s surveillance camera recorded the altercation in the store and a witness captured the woman’s getaway on his cellphone, according to KPRC.

When law enforcement reviewed the footage, a warrant was issued for Groover’s arrest.

According to court documents obtained by KPRC, Groover had a criminal history dating back to 2013 with prior convictions for assault causing bodily injury.