JACKSONVILLE, Texas (KETK) Students from all across East Texas got a sobering picture of reality Tuesday morning as emergency officials partnered with the Shattered Dreams program.

Students from Jacksonville, Slocum, Neches, New Summerfield, Bullard ISD, and The Brook Hill School were shown the consequences can be if you drink and drive.

The mother of Pasha Zapolsky, a Brook Hill student killed by a drunk driver, spoke with children about her experience of dealing with a tragedy like this.

Zapolsky was 17 years old when the vehicle he was riding in was struck head-on by Carl Crabtree, 31, of Tyler.

Crabtree’s Blood Alcohol Content level was twice the legal limit when the crash occurred, according to DPS.

Another woman was killed in the crash, along with three other minors that were injured.

Shattered Dreams is a program designed to show students how a decision, even one they have chosen before without any serious consequences, could affect the rest of their young lives and the lives of their loved ones.

It is a program that is designed to educate teen drivers on how to prevent the many problems that can result from distracted driving, such as drinking or texting while behind the wheel of a car.

Through role-playing, teens will be exposed to the seriousness of such problems and abstract concepts will become more concrete and consequences of actions will become obvious.