TYLER, Texas (KETK) Seven East Texas cities are no longer in the hot seat over their pro-life stances.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has dropped their lawsuit against the cities of Waskom, Naples, Joaquin, Tenaha, Rusk, Gary and Wells regarding the issue of abortion.

In June 2019, Waskom became the first city in the state to declare itself a “sanctuary for the unborn” after their city council approved it.

The others followed suit over the next few months. In response to the lawsuit, each citiy voted to amend their ordinances to further ensure judges would not be convicted.

“This is a total and complete victory for the cities that have enacted these ordinances.”

Mark Lee Dickson, Right to Life of East Texas

 “This lawsuit was nothing but a publicity stunt to deter other cities from creating sanctuaries for the unborn. But it will end up having the opposite effect. Now even the ACLU acknowledges that there is no grounds for challenging these ordinances, and this will embolden other cities and towns to join the movement,” Dickson continued.

Citizens who want to make their town a Sanctuary City for the Unborn should visit Texas Right to Life for assistance.

Back in July 2019, Mineral Wells ,a town in North Texas voted down an ordinace that would have made it the second city to declare itself as a “sanctuary city for the unborn.”

Mineral Wells is a small town about 50 miles west of Fort Worth, with a population just under 17,000.

Founded in 1973, Texas Right to Life is the oldest and largest Pro-Life organization in Texas. They claim to work through legislation and education to protect the rights of the unborn, persons with disabilities, the sick, the elderly, and the vulnerable through legal, peaceful, and prayerful means.