Chandler woman’s retirement ruined due to drainage issue flooding her home

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Life after retirement is supposed to be a time to let your hair down. To relax and appreciate all of the hard work you’ve been putting in leading up to the day.

For 68 year old Bonnie Doyle of Chandler, that’s how this story starts.

“I have always loved to fish. I would fish with my grandmother at Caddo (lake) when I was a little girl so that was always my dream,” said Doyle.

Doyle moved to Chandler just half a mile from the northern portion of Lake Palestine in 2012 and everything seemed perfect.

“It was lovely at first. We really got a good deal on the house, but then around 2014 it started flooding pretty badly,” said Doyle.

The reason why would otherwise take some digging, but Henderson County Commissioner for Pct. 3 Chuck McHam says the culvert located on Hwy 315 is the sole problem.

“The issue at hand is that the county can and will clean out ditches, but that won’t alleviate the problem those folks are facing. The problem on our end is that the water is not reaching the counties ditches. Also you have the issue that the county can’t go onto people’s property and start digging trenches or making drastic changes.”

Chuck McHam Henderson County Commissioner pct. 3

“The culvert was put in in 1948 and whatever is running through it is I feel like they’re responsibility,” said Tanie Burgess, Doyle’s daughter.

Burgess is referring to Tx-Dot so we reached out to the area’s maintenance administrator. We were told Owen was not in and that he would eventually get back with us on the matter.

“I think they feel badly to Bonnie’s situation, but a few days pass and they say we don’t want to take action or responsibility and that they can’t,” said Burgess.

The family says they want what is right to be done.

“I think that the county and TX-Dot need to come together to come up with a solution to get the water flowing from that culvert to the lake and not on someone’s home,” said Burgess.

Shortly after we reached out to the McHam, he reached out to the family saying a surveyor would be inspecting within the following weeks.

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