KILGORE, Texas (KETK) – Birthday parades have been celebrated across the nation but today it was something special for an East Texas boy who is a living miracle in his community.

On June 15th, 2019, three-year-old Linkin Duffee was found in his grandparent’s neighbor’s pool. Doctors believe he was in the water for as long as 20 minutes when a teenager pulled his lifeless body out.

A paramedic who did an assessment on Linkin found he did not have a perfusing heartbeat but decided not to give up and started performing chest compressions. After several minutes, they were able to find a pulse and Linkin was brought back to life.

“Then it happened, they were able to do an MRI, four days after his accident and the results of that MRI were a severe anoxic brain injury. Basically they just told me he wouldn’t probably walk or talk or do the stuff that kids without injuries can do,” said Jennifer Duffee, his mother.

Now fast forward to today and Linkin has defied the odds.

Members of Linkin’s community created a parade to celebrate his fourth birthday. They wished him happy birthday and showered him with gifts.

His mother said that every first responder and medical worker that was there that fateful day showed up for the parade.

Linkin and his sister have learned to embrace the water now through swim lessons that teach them necessary skills and fun games.