CROCKETT, Texas (KETK) – Crockett police have issued a warrant for a local daycare center employee as part of an investigation into allegations of abuse at the center.

According to a parent who was contacted by a detective, she says two teachers have now been arrested.

Here is a statement provided by a parent whose child was part of the investigation.

On April 24th I was contacted by a detective at the crockett police department. She asked for a picture of my little girl. When I asked why, I was informed that she was a victim of abuse at her daycare, which is Treehouse Academy here in Crockett.

Since then it’s been discovered that there were possibly as many 10 victims that were abused by at least 2 teachers. So far there have been two arrests made. This is something that you never expect to happen.

You trust your children with these people believing that they will take care of them. My little girl is the sweetest child that you could ever hope to meet. She loves everyone and is very well behaved. I just couldn’t believe that this happened. I’m devastated to think that this was going on here in our community. This has been so hard on me as well as my children.

I’m thankful for the support of my friends and family and appreciate the hard work of the detectives working on the case. With that said, I’m determined to see this through and make sure the people responsible are brought to justice. It’s morally reprehensible that there are people in this line of work who would blatantly abuse our children.

The most disturbing thing about this is, it wasn’t just one time, just one child, just one day or just one teacher. This is absolutely heartbreaking that so many kids not only experienced this, but also had to witness it as well.

Police say they have issued a warrant for Shaquill Johnson, 29, charging her with abandoning or endangering a child, a state felony. She is one of the two teachers now arrested.

CPD says it initiated the investigation in mid-April after it received allegations of abuse to children in the 2-3 year-old class by staff at the daycare.

One staff member who is also a parent with a child at the daycare came forward with video of the alleged abuse, according to CPD.

Detectives met with the daycare’s administrative personnel and obtained surveillance camera recordings.

Detectives are notifying parents whose children have suffered mistreatment or abuse.

Police say the administration at the Tree House Academy has been cooperating with them throughout this investigation.

Anyone with information or concerns about this case is asked to call the Crockett Police Department at 936-544-2021 and ask for Lieutenant Blake Gates or Detective Leea Price.