SMITH COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – Texas Baptist Men and the Northeast American Red Cross are ready to aid the people of Florida.

Hurricane Ian made landfall Wednesday and damages have been seen throughout the west coast.

The Red Cross is sending volunteers to help before, during and after the storm

“In total we had about 500 members of the Red Cross from all across the nation there in Florida helping shelter 13,000 people,” said Doyle Rader, who handles communications for the Red Cross.

Their number one priority is to help provide a warm, dry place for people to stay and fuel their basic needs.

“The Red Cross has the resources and the personnel currently to house up to 60,000 people in shelter across the state of Florida,” said Rader.

The Texas Baptist men will assist in recovery which includes cooking hot meals twice a day for people in need and to assist the clean-up process.

“We take out whatever is wet in the home, which includes flooring, drywall, insulations, some appliances and take all that to the curb, sanitize the house that kills the mold that would be there,” said David Wells, TBM Director of Disaster Relief.

The Red Cross has programs for mental health and wellness during and after the storm.

“We respond to people on an individual level. Some may have major damage to their home and we can help them in certain ways. Others might just need a shoulder to lean on as they go through things,” said Rader.

It’s not just physical needs, the Texas Baptist Men are there to share comfort and hope.

“But also in our mindset, it is a spiritual help, spiritual hope, spiritual healing so anytime we go anywhere we are looking for both,” said Wells.

Both organizations say they will help clean up in Florida for as long as it takes.