EDOM, Texas (KETK)- The Edom Art Festival began in 1972 with 30 artists and 3,000 people. Now 50 years later, they have grown to 60 artists and about 15,000 event goers.

“You couldn’t stir it with a stick out here,” said Edom Art Festival Coordinator Beth Brown.

Beth Brown’s husband Doug started the art festival 50 years ago.

“It was originally intended to be a place where you could come out and you can meet the artist who makes the work,” Brown said.

Artist Jane Bryon says she attends the festival because people understand and appreciate her artwork.

“These are my muses, my people, in that they all start with the words, everything is about the words on the head,” Bryon said.

Her favorite part of all is meeting with those who have traveled from far and wide to hear in East Texas.

“The best thing is when someone connects with what it says, they’ve been through something or their life has been that, and they go oh that’s, I have to have that,” Bryon said.

It’s a place that young and old can come and enjoy the day.

“It’s a generational thing, and we hope that will continue,” Brown said.

Brown shares her immense gratitude for their success over the last half century.

“It means everything to me, I’m so proud, I’m so proud to be a part of this, and to be able to carry on his legacy, and keep it going and try to make it better and better each year,” Brown said.

Saying she couldn’t have been at the festival without everyone’s unwavering support.

“We just appreciate everyone over the years who has come out here and supported us and it just means, means everything, everything to me,” Brown said.

She hopes her husband’s legacy will continue to live on in Edom.

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