TEXAS (KETK) – The National Weather Service has confirmed that eleven tornadoes touched down in Texas during a line of storms Sunday night.

Governor Greg Abbott signed a disaster declaration for 16 Texas counties following Sunday night’s severe weather that blew through Northern East Texas.

East Texas counties included in the declaration are Panola, Rains, Rusk, Van Zandt, and Wood Counties.

Other counties involved are Cass, Cameron, Collin, Dallas, Ellis, Erath, Hunt, Kaufman, Lamar, Rockwall, and Tarrant.

“By issuing this declaration, Texas is providing local officials with the resources they need to quickly respond and recover from this storm. My heart goes out to the Texans impacted by this severe weather, and the people of Texas can rest assured that the state will do everything it can to assist those affected by these horrific storms.”

Governor Greg Abbott

Dallas County – 4

The Las Colinas tornado was the strongest recorded at an EF-3 rating. The tornado formed in northwest Dallas, near State Highway 348 and Luna Road where large tree damage and minor roof damage were observed.

The tornado traveled northeast crossing I-35E and impacted several commercial structures between the freeway and Harry Hines Blvd. Extensive damage to many businesses and residences occurred, consistent with EF-1 and EF-2 intensity wind speeds.

A particular single-family home was surveyed with total roof loss and multiple collapsed exterior walls in which the survey team determined that this damage was consistent with low-end EF-3 intensity winds of approximately 140 mph. This was the only structure assigned an EF-3 damage rating.

The tornado continued eastward, toward U.S. Highway 75 and produced significant roof damage to several businesses including office low-rise building, a car dealership, and a Home Depot.

The tornado crossed over the southern part of the Texas Instruments campus and then began to turn more northeastward and parallel Greenville Avenue. It crossed an apartment complex, continued into the Richland Park, Lakes of Buckingham, Richland Meadows, and College Park residential subdivisions where the widespread tree and roof damage consistent with 80 to 95 mph winds occurred.

The tornado began to weaken and took a sharp turn to the north near Richardson square where it tracked to the Huffhines Park area. The track then turned to the west and became very narrow near Duck Creek with it dissipating as it crossed Jupiter Rd.

The EF-3 tornado had a continuous track for 32 minutes beginning at 8:58 PM and ended at 9:30 PM. It tracked just over 15 miles where it produced maximum winds of 140 mph with a maximum width of three-quarters of a mile.

The Rowlett tornado began along Larkin Lane with a few trees and roof damage. The track continued northeast with the greatest intensity of damage observed in the 4600 Block of Hilcox Road just before President George Bush Turnpike where one home lost most of the roof and saw severe windo damage and the garage exterior walls collapsed. Multiple trees were snapped or uprooted along with power poles collapsed.

The tornado moved over the east side of the PGBT where several houses and barns sustained significant roof damage or shingles removed. The damage track continued northeast near the Pleasant Valley neighborhood. It finally lifted over Lake Ray Hubbard before reaching the far shore.

The tornado was rated as an EF-1 with speeds reaching 100 mph. It touched down at 9:36 PM and lifted at 9:41 PM where it tracked six miles with a width of 500 yards.

The Rockwall tornado touched down West of Rockwall where it traveled parallel with north of U.S. 66, from the eastern shore of Lake Ray Hubbard into northeastern Rockwall. As the damage path continued farther east across SH 205, damage consisted of downed trees, fences, and missing shingles on roofs.

The tornado was rated an EF-1 where it reached maximum wind speeds of 90 mph. It touched down at 9:48 PM and traveled for 1.96 miles before lifting at 9:54 PM.

The Garland tornado touched down on Kenmore Street just north of West Miller Road where part of the Sears warehouse was heavily damaged. Part of the metal roof was peeled off and the adjacent metal walls were torn away. Interior support columns and beams were bent, causing another part of the roof to collapse. In addition, an empty 18-wheeler was tipped over and a van was also turned on its side. The damage to this facility indicated high-end EF-2 ratings with winds up to 135 mph.

The tornado traveled through residential areas from Shiloh Road to Garland Avenue where roof damage was seen along with broken branches and uprooted trees. Damage in the neighborhood consisted of EF-0 and EF-1 wind speeds.

The tornado then moved across Garland Avenue towards Central Park damaging roofs, trees, and a baseball field and fences. It finally traveled northeast from the park where it weakened dissipating near Avenue D and Santa Fe Street.

The tornado was rated an EF-2 as it touched down at 9:24 PM and lifted at 9:30 PM. It traveled 2.48 miles with wind speeds up to 135 mph and had a width of 265 yards.

Ellis County – 2 (preliminary reports)

Midlothian tornado has been rated an EF-1 with wind speeds reaching up to 100 mph. The tornado traveled 2.90 miles after it touched down at 9:10 PM and lifted at 9:15 PM.

Ferris tornado has been rated an EF-0 with wind speeds reaching up to 85 mph. The tornado traveled 0.18 miles after it touched down at 9:42 PM and lifted.

Updates to follow after a full report has been published.

Kaufman County – 2

The Central Kaufman tornado briefly formed five miles north of Kaufman, removing a portion of metal roofing from a single-family residence. A large section of this roofing was blown back toward the southwest, into a powerline. A nearby power pole was also partially snapped. The tornado dissipated shortly after impacting this single residence.

The tornado has been rated an EF-0 after it touched down at 10:10 PM and lifted at 10:11 PM. It traveled for 0.04 miles with wind speeds reaching up to 80 mph.

The Elmo tornado formed in the open country four miles southeast of Elmo. Moving northeast, the tornado removed sheet metal from a building on a ranch property. It intensified as it crossing County Road 314, snapping two power poles and impacting a single-family residence and adjacent buildings. A metal barn was severely damaged with the metal roof almost completely removed and steel trusses bent. Several trees on the property were also snapped and sustained major trunk damage.

The property damage was consistent with 95-105 mph winds, and EF-1 rating. The tornado continued northeast for 200 yards before lifting.

This tornado was spawned by the same supercell that produced the EF-0 tornado in central Kaufman as well as the damage in Midlothian and Wills Point.

The tornado touched down at 10:39 PM and lifted at 10:41 PM as it traveled 0.50 miles. It was rated an EF-1 with wind speeds up to 105 mph.

Van Zandt County – 1

The Wills Point tornado was rated an EF-0 tornado which touched the ground at 10:59 PM Sunday about 2 miles north of Wills Point near County Road 3801. It traveled east moving through a neighborhood as manufactured homes on CR 3849.

The tornado traveled just over half a mile and was 200 yards wide before it lifted 2 miles northeast of Wills Point on Highway 47 at 11:04 PM.

According to the survey by NWS Fort Worth, multiple roofs sustained damage and carports/sheds were overturned. The damage was rated between 70-78 MPH.

Panola County – 1

The Panola County tornado touched down at 7:36 PM Sunday south Highway 79 and west of County Road 280. At this location, the large tree branches were broken & some trees were uprooted. As it traveled northeast, it damaged a roof to a residential home before it crossing Highway 79 and lifting at the intersection of CR 1251 & CR 124.

The tornado was on the ground for two minutes, traveling almost one mile, and 150 yards wide. The damaged was rated with peak winds at 85 MPH, which is the most for an EF-0 tornado.

Cass County – 1

The Cass County tornado touched down on County Road 2617 and traveled east through rural portions of central Cass County. Almost all the damage was confined to trees.

The tornado touched down at 3:08 AM and lifted at 3:21 PM and traveled 9.21 miles. It was rated an EF-1 with wind speeds reaching 100 mph.