JACKSONVILLE, Texas (KETK)- During a Jacksonville city council meeting held Tuesday night, 7th grader Olivia Boggs, was recognized as a hero for taking action after her school bus had crashed.

In October, Boggs was riding on her normal bus, headed to school, when suddenly the bus driver started veering off the road.

“When he turned into the left lane, then I realized, okay something is wrong. This is not normal,” described Boggs.

According to the Jacksonville School District, the bus driver had a medical emergency, causing him to hit a nearby guardrail. Olivia can remember what happened like it was yesterday. Describing how chaos filled the bus.

“Everyone was screaming,” said Olivia. “This one boy jumped up, he was screaming and having a panic attack.”

While students were still trying to understand what was happening, the leader in Olivia emerged.

“I immediately bounced up because the older kids were screaming and I didn’t want the little kids to get even more frightened then I knew they already were,” said Olivia.

Her brave actions were rewarded with presentation by the Jacksonville Fire Department.

“Oh, I’m going to get recognized for this, no. I was thinking of the safety of children, my classmates, older teenagers. I was thinking of their lives. That was my priority,” said Olivia.

Her father and those close to Olivia sat proud during the ceremony. As they cheered for a girl who described herself as shy, but clearly turned bold and confident under pressure.

“It’s nice, seeing the school district and even the city go out of their way to show recognition for kids that are doing right.