TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Members of each branch of the military came out Saturday to celebrate the grand opening of Camp V, a one-stop-shop for veterans right here in East Texas.

The facility is on Front St., just off Loop 323 where veterans can receive direction, talk with other veterans, workout, and soon live in transitional housing.

“We know that there’s a large veteran population in East Texas, it’s difficult to find resources, because they’re scattered all over and there aren’t a lot, so the idea was to have a one-stop facility where they can come, they can get assistance, guidance, information, have a cup of coffee,” said Susan Campbell, with the East Texas Veteran Community Council.

The new facility is a much-needed space that offers innovative resources for those who served our country.

“With the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, we’ve had so many that have come back and they need help, I mean my four years in the Army, we weren’t in combat anywhere, but in the last few decades, we have needed a lot of help for our veterans, they deserve it,” said Texas Senator Louie Gohmert. “And as Lincoln said, part of our job is binding up the nation’s wounds, caring for those who mourn the battle and that’s our veterans.”

Veteran Thomas Thompson says coming out of the military is difficult to get help which can be frustrating at times.

“It’s hard to navigate all of the protocol and standards that the VA imposes on people and a lot of people get left behind,” said Thompson.

He believes fewer people will get lost in the shuffle with a resource center that has everything a veteran may need.

“When I heard that this was going to be a one-stop-shop, I knew it had great promise,” said Thompson.

Starting Tuesday, veterans will be able to visit the resource center that will to continue to grow and serve those who serve.