FLINT, Texas (KETK) – Pine Cove Christian Camp has announced positive cases of COVID-19 among campers and staff members causing some camps to close and specific weeks to be canceled.

Pine Cove has five camps in Flint separated by age groups. The entire camp is currently operational, but some sessions have been canceled out of an abundance of caution. To date, Pine Cove has had eight staff members and nine campers test positive for COVID-19.

The following sessions/camps have been cancelled:

  • Week 6 and 7 at the Bluffs Family Camp
  • Week 7 at the Timbers Camp

Out of the 8,500 campers and summer staff we have had on all of our properties through our week 6 session, using the screening guidelines in accordance with the Governor’s Health Protocols for youth camps, we have had to turn away campers and send some home. 

Pine Cove Christian Camp

Pine Cove says that campers do not overlap with different locations in 2020 as part of their virus mitigation strategy. Prior to weekly sessions, everyone who arrives on the property is screened for temperatures and symptoms.

Camp sessions start on Sunday, with week 7 currently taking place. Below is a breakdown of COVID-19 within the camp.

Timeline of Pine Cove COVID-19


Following week 4 at the Towers Camp, a staff member tested positive for the coronavirus. The camp says the staff member worked behind the scenes and was not a counselor. They also left camp prior to week 5 campers arriving.

The staff member was isolated and tested as well as cabin mates who all tested negative for the virus.


On July 2, during week six, a counselor exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 and tested positive for the virus. The entire cabin was sent home to quarantine and since then, two of the counselors cabin cohorts also tested positive while at home.

In an abundance of caution, the camp cancelled the week 7 session.


During week four, a staff member tested positive and had no contact with campers. They were isolated and all cabin mates have tested negative.


During week six, one adult camper tested positive after learning they had been exposed to a positive person prior to camp. The staff member and their family are in quarantine at home.


At the end of week five, one staff member tested positive. The staff member went home prior to week five campers leaving.

The staff member’s cohort was also isolated and tested. Shortly after, the camp learned that several more staff members tested positive.

All family members were contacted individually and encouraged to quarantine for 14 days. In an abundance of caution, Pine Cove cancelled week 6 and 7 sessions.