KILGORE, Texas (KETK) – Since the COVID-19 outbreak, sanitizer has been in high demand like never before. With businesses and cities starting to reopen, cleaning supplies are still hard to find in several stores.

Weeks into the coronavirus pandemic, sanitizer went flying off the shelves and as demand grew, a couple of East Texans banned together and found a solution.

Fast cars and cleaning supplies, sounds like an odd mix, but in Kilgore, one family is pairing the two perfectly.

“Lone Star Super Gas has been selling Sunoco fuel for the past 22 years,” said Bobby Tomastik, owner of Lone Star Super Gas.

For decades Tomastik’s business has been vital in providing racing fuel across the state, but when the coronavirus hit, their business stalled.

“We do sell a lot of lawn mower gas but there’s only so much gas you can put in a lawn mower,” explained Tomastik.

With races, and tracks closing down, the business was at the brink of closing its doors. That was until they received a phone call that would make them switch gears.

“It’s really a new experience, a good experience for me to learn, because I didn’t even know how to make it all,” said Tomastik.

The equipment once used to create high-performance oil has now been transformed into a sanitizer and disinfectant arena.

The entire project started after Kinsey Pharmacy started making its own sanitizer to help meet the demand of the product for the public. Not having enough space or resources, they turned to Lone Star Super Gas for help and together created Lonestar1886.

Creating an FDA approved formula, bins full of sanitizer sit waiting to be filled into jugs, and sent out to the public. A critical need in killing the COVID-19 germ and deterring the spread of the virus.

“What we have been able to do is come up with a sanitizer disinfectant. so it’s not the gel kind, this is a liquid kind. It’s going to be able to sanitize your business,” said Heather Stoner, the facilitator.

As East Texas towns slowly reopen and business go from closed to welcoming back customers, cleaning supplies have become vital. Once packed on shelves, can now hardly be found, some even bumping up the price.

“You just can’t find it right now. You could even say you have the money, but even with the money, you just can’t find it to purchase,” explained Stoner.

At half the cost, shopping locally has brought on a new meaning. For every gallon of sanitizer that Lonestar1886 sells, a donation is given to the East Texas Crisis Center.

“That’s just essential to us right now. Like all non-profits, we are seeing a decline in donations and so this is going to make a big difference, both health-wise and financially,” said Lana Peacock, Executive Director of the East Texas Crisis Center.

Peacock said when the pandemic started, the organization began to prepare for an increase in people reaching out for help. What she didn’t prepare for was the lack in annual donations.

Now, she’s thankful to be receiving a small portion of a project that is having a large impact.

“We’re not in this to make money, we want you to be making money, by getting your business back open,” said Stoner.

With the help of Kinsey Pharmacy and the Chamberlain Foundation, they’ve found the perfect formula to sanitize entire towns, in hopes of getting East Texas back on track.

The sanitizer is open for the public to purchase. First CLICK HERE to make your order which is available for pick up.