TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Dejah Hood’s body was found on Tuesday behind an apartment complex in Tyler after being murdered and her best friend spoke with KETK about Hood’s untimely death.

Sara Evans says they weren’t just best friends, but more like sisters.

“It hurt my heart, it did, it hurt my heart that she had to sit there and suffer,” said Evans.

Evans still feels like she’s in a dream after hearing reports that her best friend had been murdered.

“I’ve been making it. I’ve been asleep because every time I’m up, I think about it. I think about it every second of the day,” said Evans.

Evans doesn’t want Dejah to just be seen as a victim of violence, but wants the world to know the girl she has known since high school.

“She’s like a mom. She has a mom mentality 100%. She cared for everybody, she loved everybody,” said Evans.

Before her death, 18-year-old Dejah Hood went to Sara for everything, lately for career advice.

“She liked doing hair, installing wigs and stuff, coloring wigs and she liked trying different stuff,” said Evans.

Their relationship was effortless with good moments.

Both girls were planning to move and live in a big city like Houston one day.

Those dreams were cut short, at the hands of someone else.

“He didn’t just hurt her, but he hurt a lot of people,” said Evans.

Dejah’s character and heart leaving a hole in Sara’s.

“She had good intentions, positive intentions on everybody,” said Evans.

At one point Dejah couldn’t imagine life without Sara as she gets ready to go to the Navy.

“She didn’t know what she was going to do, she didn’t know who she was going to talk to,” said Evans.

Now Sara has to map out life without her best friend and said she will continue to do activities they used to do, like going to the lake and journaling.

A GoFundMe remembering Dejah has been started while funeral services are still pending.