‘SOMEONE IS GOING TO GET SHOT’: A New Diana family fears for their life after gun range is built yards from their home

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NEW DIANA, Texas (KETK)- A East Texas family is demanding law enforcement to make a change after they say a gun range was built just yards from their home. Now a battle between a gun range and landowners has caused a family to fear for their life.

Imagine sitting on your porch enjoying a glass of lemonade, when all of sudden, a bullet flies by face. Well, for the Shaver family they say that’s the reality almost every weekend.

Nestled in the heart of New Diana, the Shavers looked forward to the peace and quite surrounding them, until gunshots started becoming a problem.

“I was sitting right here on the porch talking to my sister on the phone, and all of a sudden a bullet went right past the front of my head,” explains Rhonda Shaver.

Rhonda and her husband Earl built their home thirteen years ago, with the goal of retiring. However, they say that dream was shattered by a gun range opening just yards away from their porch.

While looking at a picture her husband took, Rhonda shows KETK how easily the gun targets can turn into a dangerous situation for her home, stating, “This is a picture of the burn, and then right here sits our house, and when they shoot at these two targets right here… those bullets barely miss that target then those bullets come up and go right past our house.”

Now, an American flag stands upside down, as a sign, there are citizens in distress.

“There’s no need in that. To have that fear when you’re sitting on your porch or out in your yard, not knowing one day if one of us is going to get shot,” says Rhonda.

The couple says they feared for the safety so much so, that they put bells of hay in between their home and the gun range to act as a barrier.

“The one who pulls that trigger is the one who’s responsible for a death,” warns Earl Shaver.

Earl works from home and is scared for his life that at any point he walks outside, he may be a victim.

“Somebody on this property is going to get shot, and it’s either going to be us, our grandchildren, we have four of them, or one of our neighbors,” Earl explains.

A thought that brings his wife to tears.

“It’s sad, that my own grandkids cannot come to my hiouse let alone our friends. I mean who wants to come and visit somebody and be in fear that they might be shooting and could possibly be shot,” Rhonda says holding back her tears.

Now the couple wonders what can be done to put an end to the bullets.

“The law protects gun ranges as long as they are compliant with local ordinances from a nuisance claim,” explains Justin Roberts, with Roberts & Roberts Law Firm.

Roberts explains that from county to county, there are different laws involving creating gun ranges. Stating that as long as the gun range is meeting local laws, there isn’t much homeowners can do.

With not many options, the Shavers lookout at their property wondering when the next shot will be fired.

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