Study shows overuse of cell phone can lead to bone spurs on the skull

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All that looking down on our phones may actually be changing our bodies, with the growth of bone spurs on our skulls!

Australian researchers examined hundreds of x-rays of adults, and 40 percent of those between 18 and 30 developed bony growths on the bases on skulls.

All had spent at least four hours on their phones every day.

The x-ray images above show the growths on two of the adults. One was a 28-year-old and the other a 58-year-old.

The growths ranged from 10 to 31 millimeters, but some were large enough that they could be felt as a lump on the back of the head.

Bone spurs often form from repetitive motions, such as tilting the head forward, which people do to look at their smartphone.

It is typically seen developing in the elderly and has been linked to posture problems.

Experts suggest propping up a pillow under the tablet or phone, slightly increase the angle of the phone itself, or simply put the phone down!

The study was conducted by researchers at Australia’s University of the Sunshine Coast and is published in Scientific Reports

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