TYLER, Texas (KETK) – A specific area of Grande Boulevard in Tyler is known by locals for being a hot-spot for wrecks.

Last August, the Tyler City Council approved a contract to study the stretch of road and find potential solutions. Specifically, they looked at the stretch of West Grande between Gleneagles Drive and Shady Oaks Drive, where there have been several fatal and non-fatal crashes in the past decade.

The city council brought on C.T. Brannon Corporation, who created a report on conditions and options for improvement. They studied roadway geometry and looked at reported crashes from 2011 until 2020, then reported their findings to the council on Wednesday.

“The analyses indicated a higher proportion of crashes happened during rain or wet pavement conditions and at night,” according to the city of Tyler.

Cameron Williams, City of Tyler Traffic Engineer, said that three of the 57 wrecks that happened on the stretch of road were fatal in 2016-2018.

“…They are looking at accommodations of what contributed to each of those and what we can do to approve that corridor,” said Williams. 

The area has been known as a trouble spot for some drivers, but the city is hoping to change that.

“It’s actually very terrible! I mean at night unless you see the headlights coming, you really have no idea,” said Gregory Caldron, Tyler resident.

They studied and compared the following options:

  • Option 1: Install new signage and striping, including illuminated chevrons that light up as the vehicle enters the curve.
    • Cost: $180,235
  • Option 2: Milling out the existing pavement, installing a new asphalt surface, installing a high-friction surface treatment, and installing signage and striping per Option 1.
    • Cost: $639,804
  • Option 3: Install Options 1 and 2, plus relocating an Oncor electric tower.
    • Cost: $1,194,204
  • Option 4: Reconstruct roadway to increase radii of curves and create a tangent section between curves, add super-elevation to both curves, relocate Oncor electric tower and install signage and striping per previous option.
    • Cost: $2,186,817.16

“The Engineering Department recommends Option 3 to be considered for implementation,” said Traffic Engineer Cameron Williams. “After implementation, we will evaluate the area in five years to review the success of the improvements and consider other alternatives, including Option 4, if crashes continue.”

At their Wednesday meeting, the city council decided to implement Option 1 immediately and come back with a contract for the council to vote on for Options 2 and 3.

“The first that the public should see would be those LED chevrons, we will be getting a vendor and contractor on board. Hopefully, this is something we can get done by the early spring time frame which is our goal at this point,” said Williams.  

This project was approved in the 2020-2021 Half-Cent Work Plan and funded through the Half Cent Sales Tax Fund. 

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