New bike lanes around Tyler create controversy among citizens

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TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The city of Tyler is creating more than 36 miles of bike lanes throughout the city, but not everyone sees these new lanes as welcome additions to the roads.

Some drivers say they want more room on the road, while some cyclists say they want wider bike lanes. Both sides have taken to a popular Tyler Facebook group to voice their opinions.

Parking in bike lanes is legal in Tyler, so some bicyclists find themselves dodging parked cars while riding.

Drivers are now dealing with narrower streets in many places, meaning they could be stopping more often to let other cars pass.

“People still think, maybe from their childhood growing up, that you ride a bicycle on the sidewalk, but that’s really not true,” Tyler Bicycle Club President Bill Lewis said. “Cyclists are actually made to be on the streets.”

City leaders say they did anticipate pushback about the bike lanes and are expecting an adjustment period over the next few months. They are prepared to make additional signs to help drivers and cyclists better adapt to the changes.

There was also a public meeting and hearing where residents had the opportunity to comment on the project before it started. The city says that many of the suggestions were incorporated into the final design.

The city began work on these lanes on April 5 and hope to be completely done by the middle of August. The bike lanes will connect 11 routes to a centralized hub in the downtown area.

Back in 2018, the Tyler city council approved an agreement with UT Tyler to supply the engineering and design work for the project.

Tyler Bike Stripes Project: Project Information

The project identifies 11 bicycle lane routes and a centralized hub near the downtown area. The proposed work includes painting bicycle lanes and placing designated signage along the existing roadways. An overview of all the routes is provided below along with plans for the new “spokes.”

Hub – Along Houston Street, S. Fannin Avenue, W. Erwin Street, W. Ferguson Street, N. Bonner Avenue and S. Vine Avenue

Spoke 1 – From UT Tyler along Old Omen Road, McDonald Road, Golden Road, Devine Street and Mahon Road to Tyler Junior College.


Spoke 2 – From Loop 323 along Garden Valley Road and W. Oakwood Street to Bonner Avenue; From Oakwood Street from Bonner Avenue to Ferguson Street; From N. Glenwood Boulevard along Forest Avenue and S. Lyons Avenue to S. Parkdale Drive; From Forest Avenue along W. Erwin Street to Confederate Avenue.

Spoke 3 – From Loop 323 along Paluxy Drive, Decharles Street, Amherst Street and Donnybrook Avenue to Houston Street.

Spoke 4 – From Loop 323 along Bellwood Road and Houston street to S. Vine Avenue; From Shaw Street along S. Lyons Avenue to Bellwood Road.

Spoke 5 – From Cambridge Road, along Townhouse Drive, Heritage Drive, Baylor Drive, Karen Drive, Powell Drive, Barbee Drive and Sutherland Drive to E. Grande Boulevard; From Rose Rudman Park along Donnybrook Avenue to Amherst Street.

Spoke 6 – From Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard along Palace Avenue, Harmony Street, Border Avenue, W. Queen Street, N. Ross Avenue, W. Bow Street, Moore Avenue to W. Oakwood Street.

Spoke 7 – From west of Three Lakes Parkway on Dueling Oaks, along Dueling Oaks, Hollytree Drive, Rieck Road, Cloverdale Drive, Trenton Drive, Timberwilde Drive, Old Bullard Road and Shelley Drive to Driftwood Lane; From Shelley Drive along Brookside Drive and Beechwood Drive to Sunnybrook Drive.

Spoke 8 – From Loop 323 along N. Broadway Avenue, W. 32nd Street, Glass Avenue and W. 28th Street to Mamie G. Griffin Elementary School; From Texas College along W. 29th to Glass Avenue; From W. 24th Street along N. Palace Avenue to W. 29th Street.

Spoke 9 – From Donnybrook Avenue along Amherst Street and Sunnybrook Drive to Frankston Highway.; From Sunnybrook Drive along Camellia Street, W. Azalea Drive, Terre Haute Drive and San Jacinto Drive to Milam Drive; From W. Houston Street along S. Chilton Avenue, W. 6th Street and Robertson Avenue to Sunnybrook Drive.

Spoke 10 – From Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard along Winona Avenue, E. Hillsboro Avenue, Church Avenue and Pabst Avenue to E. Queen Street.

Spoke 11 – From Loop 323 along E. Erwin Street to S. Beckham Avenue; From E. Erwin Street along Palmer Avenue to Devine Street

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