TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Can we just get him on America’s Got Talent already?

The Tyler Police department is the latest agency to answer the viral #GitUpChallenge, first launched on the social platform TikTok and now sweeping across, well, everywhere.

In the challenge, people post videos of themselves lip-syncing and dancing to country-hiphop artist Blanco Brown’s song “The Git Up” (which, admittedly, does make us want to git up and dance). Those videos are everywhere online.

And, as so many have done before, the #GitUpChallenge is sweeping through law enforcement agencies, fire departments and all manner of other serious, official bodies … which then post videos featuring at least one of their official bodies in motion.

Enter Tyler PD and Sgt. Matt Leigeber, aka “The Dancing Cop.”

On the roof of a downtown Tyler parking garage, Leigeber pulls up in his trusty Charger (the car, not a horse), gets out, “happens” upon a black cowboy hat (we suspect it was planted; you can’t fool us, Tyler PD), and proceeds to show off some truly smooth moves.

But, lest you think this was just an officer goofing off when he should have been attending to more serious business, the Dancing Cop, and the Tyler PD, had a good reason to be dancing. The department used Leigeber’s talent to raise funds for CASA for Kids of East Texas, a non-profit organization that provides trained community volunteers to advocate for the abused and neglected children of Smith, Wood and Van Zandt Counties.

The department is supporting CASA’s fundraiser, “Caught Doing Good for Kids,” which runs through October 2. Last year, Tyler PD raised more than $2,000 for the organization.

This year, they got creative. They decided to lock their video response to the challenge and only unlock it after raising $2,000 or more in donations.

They got the “more.” East Texans donated $2,340 to the cause, and TPD unlocked the video. And the world – or at least East Texas – was treated to Sgt. Leigeber kickin’ up his heels.

The video, released Friday, has received over 2,000 shares so far.

And if you feel like you’ve seen this guy and his moves before, you probably have. Back in July, Sgt. Leigeber wowed the kids at Rose City Summer Camps with his dancing ability.

And because the #GitUpChallenge is, well, a challenge, the Tyler PD has reached out tagged some of its sister agencies in the area to “Git Up” and show off their moves.

So, yeah, Longview Police Department and Smith County Sheriff’s Office, we’re all now looking at you.