TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Staff at All Saints Episcopal School gave their students a unique experience on Monday– a patriotic parade.

This is a beloved tradition for students and teachers alike.

“I actually was going to tour a college today, but I learned the parade was on Monday. I changed my plans so I could drive home at one in the morning so that I could be here,” said All Saints senior Caroline Wells.

The event used to be held in the schools gymnasium, where students were able to meet with and speak to local veterans. Since last year, COVID-19 changed that.

“It’s not just knowing that people are doing it for you, it’s getting to meet them and understand why they want to serve your country and why they want to help you live a great life,” Wells said.

The parade is also an educational experience for students.

“You don’t have to understand it all at once, every time I feel like I learn something new,” Wells said.

The head of the school, Mike Cobb, served in the Navy for a decade. He said seeing children honoring veterans like him makes him emotional.

“I get all welled up thinking about the fact that we are raising a generation that honors these heroes and know that all the freedoms that we have comes from a sacrifice that someone else made that they didn’t have to,” Cobb added.

This experience has a positive impact on the veterans and the children.

“To give that appreciation back and watching the veterans eyes today, that say thank you for thanking me. That’s the powerful part of that,” Cobb said.

Through the event, the community is remembering all the sacrifices made by our veterans to keep our country safe.