Walgreens employee offers to pay for a customer with just $20 in her bank account


HOUSTON, Texas (KETK)- A Walgreens worker is receiving more than $17,000 for helping out a customer.

When Rina Liou walked into a Walgreens to purchase some lightbulbs, she never expected to be touched by an employee’s kindness.

Earlier this month, Liou wrote on Facebook that she went to Walgreens to buy lightbulbs because she was selling her house and an interested buyer was coming over in a couple of minutes.

However, when Liou got in line to pay she noticed that her wallet was not in her purse, and she didn’t have the time to drive back to her home and return for the lightbulbs.

Liou also tried to use Apple Pay, but she had trouble trying to figure out how to use the application and she was flustered.

Liou said the cashier told her, “I would pay for you, but I only have $20 in my account.” 

The cashier then scanned Liou’s items and noticed they were 50% off, so she told her manager about the situation then paid $11 for the customer’s products with her own debit card.

Liou told the cashier she really appreciated her help, and she would pay her back.

She was also able to make it home in time for her house showing.

The Walgreens customer was very touched by the employee’s actions, so she wrote about her experience on an application called NextDoor and Facebook.

It turned out that the cashier’s name was Rita and she has worked at Walgreens for more than 30 years.

Liou wrote on Facebook that after she shared her story many people reached out to her.

“After sharing this experience on NextDoor there have been so many people that have commented on how wonderful Rita is. She has no idea how many people she’s impacted through her 30 years of service.”

After Ms. Rita’s nice gesture was made public, a GoFundMe page was also created for her.

The page has raised $17,839 since it was created on September 9, and all of the funds will be given to Ms. Rita, according to a post from Michelle Suh who created the page.

“Until Walgreens and our country pays our essential workers more, let’s step up to make sure Ms. Rita has more than $20 in her account. She has given us so much kindness, and we would love to show her how much she means to us.”

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