KILLEEN, Texas (FOX 44)- The nationwide baby formula shortage has wiped out the shelves of many stores, leaving parents concerned on how will they feed their babies.

“It hasn’t become a big issue to me until recently, after my breast milk stock ran low. And my little one has to have it to be able to digest it,” says a concerned mother.

During this shortage, many women like Hailey Craig have stepped up to help.

“I put a post in some of our local groups offering my assistance in wet nursing, possibly for their children,” says volunteer Hailey Craig.

Hailey says she’s never done anything like that before but seeing how the nationwide shortage for baby formula is a crisis, she knew she had to help.

“When you see desperate times call for desperate measures. There’s no reason that any baby should be going hungry in today’s day and age,” says Craig.

During this shortage, parents have joined groups on Facebook trying to help each other out. Groups like Human Milk 4 Human Babies, where women are able to donate their extra breast milk or be a wet nurse for any babies.

“I still have a good production. And if I can feed even one baby, keep one baby from going hungry, and keep one parent from not having to worry for one day about how they’re going to feed their kids, then that’s what I can do,” says Craig

For those interested in being a wet nurse, “You have to eat a certain way. You have to make sure that you’re drinking all the water that a human body needs and then some because you’re feeding another or multiple other children at the same time,” says Craig.