TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Early voting has started in Texas and voters in East Texas have various things on the ballot this off-year election.

“We have some local items on the ballot as well, so for people in Lindale ISD, Whitehouse  ISD, the City of Whitehouse and the City of Overton they have items on the ballot. If you’re in one of those jurisdictions, you want to come out for those as well,” said Michele Allcon, Elections Administrator of Smith County. 

Around 14 constitutional amendments will be included on this year’s ballot. Propositions include taxes, state parks and Texas infrastructure.

Larry Taylor, an early voter said he is concerned about Proposition One regarding farming rights.

“Institutionalizes the Texas agriculture extension, which is party to big ag, and it would be harmful to small, organized farmers,” said Taylor.

Taylor prefers to vote early because he thinks it is easier, “It was great, the people know what they’re doing, they’re friendly, it’s a walk-in and walk-out.” 

Allcon said people are offered accommodations, “we have a sign that is bright yellow, you can park at that sign, and you can give us a call, and we will send somebody to your vehicle and we’ll bring the ballot to you.”

Early voting ends on Nov. 3.