TYLER, Texas (KETK) – East Texas voters are excited to make their voices heard in next month’s midterm election. Many registered to vote and are ready to punch in their vote early.

County election administrators say the number of people registered to vote steadily increases along with an interest to be a part of the process.

“The public is interested in registering and actually voting and having their voice heard. It’s a pretty normal trend to continue to see your voter registration numbers climb,” said Michelle Allcon, Smith Co. Election Administrator.

Both political parties in Smith County expressed how they feel with one week away.

“We are excited, and we know just based on the voter registration in Smith County stand point we are (a) 70% Republican area,” said David Stein, Chairman of the Republican Party.

Democratic party leaders are also looking forward to the election.

“We’ve been revved up for the November election for quite some time now. We feel like some changes are needed, said Greg Grubb, Secretary of the Democratic Party.

Both say they have increased their presence in the community to encourage voters. The Republican party says they emailed and texted to drive voter turnout.

The Democratic party says they went door-to-door to educate those on why it is important to vote.

“We are hearing a great deal of interest from the younger people who are eligible to vote, so it’s just a matter of showing them how to do it, how to get involved,” said Grubb.

For voters who are on the fence during this upcoming election, the Democratic party says they have shown up for the nation in the past two years and can get things done.

The Republican party says to forget a side and vote for the values that are important to you.

“Don’t pick a side. Pick a value. Don’t decide should I be a Republican or Democrat? Look at the values,” said Stein.

Early voting is Oct. 24 – Nov. 4. Election Day is Nov. 8.

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