TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Monday marks the first day of early voting for municipal elections across the state and East Texas voters will be deciding on nearly $1 billion in school bonds.

14 districts throughout the Piney Woods have called bond elections ranging from just over $500,000 to more than $178 million.

While there is a lot of money at stake, voter turnout for May 7 elections is usually very low. In Smith County, the May election had a turnout of just 5% for 2018, according to data from the Elections Office. Even in 2017, when Tyler ISD had a bond on the ballot, only 9% of voters cast a ballot.

Below is a list of all the school districts in East Texas that will have bonds on the ballot on May 7. Descriptions are included below that are pulled directly from the respective county’s sample ballot

Alba-Golden ISD ($16 million)

This single bond would be used for the construction and renovation of district buildings, buying new equipment and purchasing new school buses.

Beckville ISD ($17 million)

The lone bond for this Panola County school district is to be used for the construction of a new gymnasium, a band hall and a multi-purpose career/technology center.

Bullard ISD ($103 million total)

  • Proposition A ($82 million): The first proposition put on the ballot will be used “for school facilities and acquiring sites for school facilities.”
  • Proposition B ($21 million): The second item in the bond is to be used for tennis courts, baseball and softball fields as well as a multipurpose facility.

Brownsboro ISD ($20.55 million)

A bond at Brownsboro ISD is hoping to make several improvements to multiple campuses, including a new auditorium with practice space, CTE/health science addition, an agriculture workshop renovation at the high school and expanding the cafeteria at the junior high school.

Chapel Hill ISD ($125.24 million total)

  • Proposition A ($113.06 million): This will include several improvements by building a new junior high campus, building new classrooms at Wise Elementary, renovating office space and constructing a new operations and transportation facility.
  • Proposition B ($12.18 million): Construction of a new multi-purpose facility.

Center ISD ($12 million)

  • Proposition A ($8 million): Construction and renovation of buildings in the district, a multipurpose gymnasium/auditorium and other school buildings.
  • Proposition B ($4 million): Construct and rebuild a multipurpose covered athletic practice facility.

Cross Roads ISD ($7 million total)

  • Proposition A ($6 million): New baseball and softball complexes, improve the concession area and playgrounds, update band hall, resurface the school track.
  • Proposition B ($1 million): Adding turf to the football field and “energy-efficient lighting.”

Longview ISD ($229.98 million total)

  • Proposition A ($178.185 million): Early Learning Center, construction/renovation to Career Technical Education, renovations to the high school, buying up other property.
  • Proposition B ($40.795 million): Construction of multi-purpose facility for band, baseball, football and soccer.
  • Proposition C ($8.565 million): Repairs and renovations to Lobo Stadium.
  • Proposition D ($2.44 million): Repairs and renovations to Lobo Swim Center.

Mabank ISD ($94 million)

A single bond that would be used to construct new buildings throughout their campuses and update existing structures.

Mineola ISD ($29.855 million)

This election is for approval of the construction of a new elementary school campus along with the creation of a career and technical education center.

Mount Vernon ISD ($52.3 million total)

  • Proposition A ($39.5 million): This proposal is for building construction and renovation along with purchasing new school buses.
  • Proposition B ($12.8 million): These funds would be used specifically for upgrading existing athletic facilities.

New Diana ISD ($23.76 million total)

  • Proposition A ($23.21 million): The ballot simply says the use of funds would be spent on renovating facilities at the high school.
  • Proposition B ($550,000): This is the smallest proposition on any ballot in East Texas and would be used to create tennis courts and a new softball field press box.

Pleasant Grove ISD ($39.9 million)

This bond will be used on a wide variety of projects including a new high school cafeteria, additions to the performing arts center, new field house that includes classrooms and locker rooms, new facilities for baseball and softball teams, adding classrooms for the middle school, and updates to the middle school library.

Sulphur Springs ISD ($93 million)

Funds for a new Travis Elementary School campus, renovations to Bowie, Bush, and Sulphur Springs Elementary Schools, adding a career and technology center for the high school along with a fine arts facility, updating roofing and air conditioning needs around the district and purchasing 20 buses.

Tyler ISD ($89 million)

The district is looking to rebuild Hubbard Middle School and create a campus for an early college high school.