TYLER, Texas (KETK) — According to Primary Election numbers, Jrmar Jefferson led all four democratic candidates with more than 45% of the votes and Victor D. Dunn earned more than 28% of the them.

Both candidates are confident they can win the runoff. 

“I am the candidate of peace, I want to make sure we build and invest and build and educate and bring families back together here in East Texas,” says Jrmar Jefferson.

“I’m here talking about the issues that drive district one, the issues that are important to the constituents,” says Victor D. Dunn.

Whoever wins this race will face republican candidate, Smith County Judge Nathaniel Moran in November.

Along with a number of issues important to East Texans, like border security, Victor D. Dunn, democratic candidate says, “issues such as building a wall, that’s a waste of resources. I would first look at what the Untied States can do to help the economy over in Mexico.” 

Jefferson says he will pass budgets and make laws to ensure immigration laws are distributed and enforced.

Now the second round of this race begins.

“I’m asking right now the other person, Mr. Dunn, to conceded this race to understand that we’d be the laughing stock for the republicans in East Texas, we should have unified power right now behind Jrmar Jefferson,” says Jefferson.

This is a fight both are willing to continue to be their voters’ voice in congress.

“A bunch of counties with a bunch of billboards and a bunch of signs if it was based on the candidate winning with the most signs, with the most signs my opponent would win easily,” says Dunn.

Now it’s up to East Texas democrats to choose their best contender to put on the November ballot to represent East Texas in Washington D.C.