GREGG COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – Tuesday’s primary was the first election day since Senate Bill 1, also known as the election integrity bill which was signed in Texas.

Because of the new changes this year, many vote by mail applications and ballots were rejected this election cycle.

Gregg County’s elections administrator Jennifer Briggs said they are in the process of reaching out to voters who need to make corrections on their ballots. She said the majority of the problems came from the new law which states that ID numbers need to be on their application and on a ballot as well.

“This information is under a flap and the ID numbers are needed to be listed here,” said Briggs. “The flap comes down and then they sign on the red box area. That’s what they are missing because it’s under that flap on that ballot.”

It was a common problem for other East Texas counties too.

“Underneath that flap on the ballot envelope for sure it’s so small and you know the areas and they’re just missing it,” said Wood County Elections Administrator Laura Wise.

For future elections, administrators across East Texas counties have recommended taking time when filling out a ballot.

“We’ve been telling everyone you know to please make sure you read it carefully and look over the entire thing because they are new,” said Briggs

Briggs said there is still time to make corrections. East Texans have up to six days after the election to fix their mail-in ballot that was already submitted.