TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Election day is on Tuesday, and election workers around East Texas are preparing for the big day.

Preparation for election day started weeks ago, and on Monday workers loaded up trucks with the equipment for polling the locations. Smith County has 35 voting locations.

A poll worker who has volunteered since 2004 shared her advice for voters for this mid-term election.

“Be an informed voter, study your party, study who the candidates are because that is so important, vote for who you think would be best for our country,” said Maurine Smith, poll worker.

Election workers test the equipment after it’s delivered and set up, to ensure the voting process runs smoothly.

“Once the equipment is delivered to the location, poll workers take over, they set up everything and make sure it’s working properly,” said Michelle Allcon, Elections Administrator for Smith County.

“It’s the drive our country needs voters, what I’ve seen this year is an influx of young voters, first-time voters, really gets me excited because that is our future,” said Smith.

Voters must bring a photo I.D. and are not allowed to use their cell phones or wear political attire. Curbside voting is available for people are unable to go into the poll locations, and phone numbers will be posted curbside for assistance.