CHANDLER, Texas (KETK) — Some cities in East Texas are still “dry.” This means the sale of liquor is not allowed.

In 2012, Chandler started selling beer and wine in convenience stores. Now, the sale of liquor is on the ballot for May 6.

“We don’t want that in our town, just because about what it brings along with it,” said local realtor, Michelle Chambers.

Some longtime residents have strong opinions about possible liquor stores in their city.

“This town is based upon churches, families. I was never was for the idea of having liquor here,” said 47-year Chandler resident, Gail Crawford.

Crawford has concerns and fears about the effects liquor stores will have on her family.

“I’m afraid of more crime. This is a low crime area, one of the best places you can raise a family,” said Crawford.

Residents that welcome the idea said it would bring more jobs to the small town.

“Almost every business here. We have Mcdonald’s, Sonic, many places here. They all have hiring signs in front of them now. If someone wanted a job, they could get a job here,” said Chambers.

Crawford said there are other ways the city brings in money.

“We have softball and baseball teams here and that brings in revenue,” said Crawford.

If hard-liquor sales are eventually allowed, one business owner is already looking at the city hall property. He has plans on converting it into a liquor store.

“It will sit right across from our library where our children go. It will sit where the city hall is now, right next to Brookshire’s and in front of CHRISTUS Clinic,” said Chambers.

Residents said they are okay with people going outside of the city limits to purchase liquor.

Some say absolutely not to liquor sales in their city.

Chambers said she already has her house up for sale.

“Just very disappointed and would probably move out of the city limits,” said Chambers.

Early voting is happening right now. No matter your stance, your vote matters.