TYLER, Texas (KETK) – After months of reading up on the issues, East Texans are ready to make their voices heard.

Everyone has their reasons for voting this election cycle.

“Inflation that’s a big one because like as the prices go up, it’s harder for me to I guess buy things,” said voter, Landon Langston.

UT Tyler Political science professor Mark Owens spoke about the issues he thinks are most important to voters right now.

“I think clearly east Texans are going to be somewhat similar to the rest of the nation, the economy is going to be important. And then finally a big topic that will be in the governor’s race right, in the attorney general’s race is going to be related to border security,” said Owens.

A recent UT Tyler poll that surveyed just under 1,000 registered voters shows the top 10 concerns include the economy, securing the border, gun rights and reproductive rights.

These are issues that make an impact on younger voters too.

“I think something that matters most to me is especially more rights towards women, especially like their body. I do believe that it is a woman’s choice,” said UT Tyler student, Akshita Vanapamala.

Part of gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke’s campaign focused on gaining the college vote.

“I’ve noticed that a lot of this county area, majority of like older individuals vote and not many younger ones and I wanted to make that difference and like make sure that I took my opportunity to vote,” added Vanapamala.

Regardless of age, many East Texans already took advantage of early voting.

“It’s important for everyone to go vote because like if a million people said ‘Oh my vote doesn’t matter,’ that’s a million votes that weren’t cast,” said Langston.

Langston added that every vote counts.

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