LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) — High school football kicks off this coming week, and for the Spring Hill Panthers, they will once again be heading into a new year with a new head coach.

Brandon Joslin will be the third Spring Hill head football coach in the last four years and plans to change the Panthers’ culture.

“Some things we want to bring to the program are just the pillars we preach every day, we want to bring energy and juice, be accountable, be early and present, toughness physical and mental, and lastly being selfless, trying to go make a play for my brother when I may be hurting a little bit,” explained Head Coach Brandon Joslin.

Joslin added that the coaching staff is working on making sure each player commits to the program.

“What we are working on is being accountable and committed to Spring Hill, we got a group of guys that we call our crew and they’ve bought in and they are hook line or sinker and they’re answering the call right now,” adds Coach Joslin.

In the Panther’s scrimmage with Van, Coach Joslin saw what needed to be fixed, but was encouraged by the foundation.

“We started off a little slow today but eventually as the scrimmage went on we got better and better. The offense started clicking a little bit more once we had some adjustments made, the defense did a little bit better than I thought they would,” said Joslin. “We have some puzzle pieces we got to figure out and that’s why you scrimmage and practice to try and find those puzzle pieces for the best spots.”

The Joslin era kicks off Thursday, Aug. 25th when the Panthers take on the Sabine Cardinals, and they’re looking to finally get into the win column against them.

“We’re going to have to execute and play great defense and then take care of the football and always want to emphasize to my kids is that we have to win the special teams,” he said.