DAINGERFIELD, Texas (KETK) — The Daingerfield Tigers’ goal this year is State, and with a 2-0 start head coach Davin Nelson is preaching, stay locked in.

“We kind of struggled against Gladewater offensively I asked the kids that following week to make sure we stayed focused all through the catches and plays. The next week we came out and executed extremely well against Tatum and we were able to continue to focus on those things,” says Nelson.

The Tigers have a new quarterback this season sophomore Chase Johnson, who has taken major strides this offseason.

“With the experience around him has helped him a lot, he is now to the point where he is very comfortable and starting to throw those balls on time and starting to be able to take some of those runs and actually dropping his shoulder on a couple of those runs also and finishing those runs off and doing a great job, so I’m extremely impressed with him right now,” explains Coach Nelson.

“It was just a matter of time of when he was going to start doing it, and I think he started doing it the 2nd week, so now he is not nervous anymore and he is rolling and fixing to take off on them,” says junior Aeryn Hampton.

After struggling in their first game, the Tigers’ offense got back on track against Tatum, scoring 48 points.

“I feel like we came out the 2nd game and we just had a chip on our shoulder in the first half, and the 2nd half we got to clean up some things and just keep playing when we are up on teams by a lot,” adds Hampton.

“Finding the person in open space so one team is going to double one of us so the other person will come wide open,” says senior Jakevian Rodgers.

Daingerfield has a date with the explosive Timpson Bears this Friday and they know it’s going to be a game of speed versus speed and trying to slow down Timpson quarterback Terry Bussey.

“Don’t allow him to be able to get out of the pocket, make him step up in the pocket and throw it and use his arm to create plays instead of his legs because he is cat-daddy,” declares Nelson.

This game should be a track meet, and we’ll see who can move to 3-0 on the season this Friday night.

Kick-off is set for 7:00 p.m. on Friday at Mickey Mayne Stadium in Daingerfield.