LINDALE, Texas (KETK) — The Lindale Eagles may have soared under a few radars, after finishing a tough non-district slate at 1-3 but two weeks into district play, they have been dominant, with what coach Chris Cochran calls, no fear of failure.

“We say there is strength in the struggle, you know, and failure isn’t final. I had to say that to him a lot when we were losing especially when we lost three straight. I think you can grow a lot when you have things, you know, have adversity that you’re going ” explained Cochran.

“You give relentless effort and you do everything you can. And that mistake becomes a lot less because you are going and hitting somebody else in the mouth. It might not be the right guy, but you’re hitting somebody,” added senior Casey Poe.

The Lindale defense is locked in throughout this early District of Doom run, only giving up 7 points in each game.

“Our guys never wavered. You know, there’s probably some negativity. You know, that that they were hearing, but they just kept working hard,” said Cochran

“It just helps for us going through it early, I mean, it makes us tougher for these games and we’ve been through hard times. So once those moments happen in the game, we’re ready for it,” exclaimed senior Jake Curbow.

The Eagles are led by five senior captains such as Curbow and Poe, who have put their mark on this Lindale team.

“We’re just trying to lead them through examples and through our words, you know, just got to encourage them and build confidence in the young guys,” said Curbow.

“We can take these guys under our wing and just kind of, you know when they’re slacking, when they’re they’re really confused on something to do, we can bring them up, we can help them, and we can hold them accountable to the little stuff,” added Poe.

They may have started under the radar, but now everyone is taking notice of Lindale, as they continue their campaign in one of the toughest districts in Texas.

Lindale will head to Kilgore this Friday night to take on the Bulldogs in our Fever Game of the Week.