DIANA, Texas (KETK) — It’s a new day at New Diana.

The Eagles are undefeated this year. Head coach Jason Pitts came into the program in the spring of 2022 and changed the team’s mentality.

“These kids deserve it, you know, it’s kind of a why not us type mentality, too. They work just as hard as anybody else. So they deserve to win, too. And that’s it’s a pleasure getting to see them have some enjoyment and some excitement first,” said Pitts.

“The first time I talked to him, he said it’s a new day, and so coming in here and just having a coach, that looks past the negativity that’s been here and just is ready to change to different cultures. It’s helped a lot,” added senior Cohle Sherman.

The Eagles haven’t had a winning since 2019, but coach Pitts brought the mantra of “Rise Above,” and his kids have bought into that message.

“Just wanted them to know that no matter what you hear from wherever it is outside, you just got to rise above all that because the people that matter are the people on this field. So rise above anything you hear and let’s all join together and keep going over,” exclaimed Pitts.

“All the bad stuff that’s been happening the last few years and just learning ways to become better as a program,” said junior Jaiydyn Johnson.

The New Diana football team is rolling, and there is a buzz throughout the community.

“It’s amazing, I mean, it really is like you hear it from people left and right. You hear the people tell the kids. People tell me everybody wants to be a part of it. Everybody wants to get her shirts. It’s it’s really neat to see,” smiled Pitts.

“Having some people in the community believe in you and actually it feels good to win,” said Johnson.

With a 4-0 record the Eagles are preparing for their most challenging part of the season, but the seniors aren’t satisfied.

“Yeah, we’ve had a great season. They don’t matter. We got to keep fighting, keep going. We can accomplish way more than we already have accomplished. So I want us to just keep winning more. Keep fighting,” explained Sherman.

Recent history has been rough for new Diana, but every team has its own story to tell, and in the words of their head coach, these Eagles plan to continue, to rise above.

New Diana will host Harmony this Friday night at 7:00 in our Friday Football Fever Game of the Week.