GLADEWATER, Texas (KETK) — The Gladewater Bears are gearing up for the 2022 season looking to rebuild after losing key players to graduation. Head coach Johnny Louvier believes his guys are up for the challenge.

The Gladewater bears are heading into the new year excited about the possibilities. Louvier says he is focusing on getting his team in shape because some guys will have to play both ways this season.

“Football is a game, where the play lasts about three to five seconds and then you get thirty seconds to rest, and then you got to do it again,” explains Louvier. “So in practice simulate that as much as possible and for the kids, it’s just show up every day and then do the best you can every single time you’re out there.”

“We’re just coming out here and working in this heat, that’s really the best thing you can do, come out here and work as much as you can and try to prepare,” said Quarterback Kyron Wilson.

The Bears will now have Wilson under center after Dj Allen graduated, Wilson says the coaching staff is helping the transition go smoothly.

“He just watches my mistakes and helps me fix them after practices, he meets with me and tells me things that I need to work on and we’re just working on it slowly but it’s getting fixed,” said Wilson.

Coach Louvier added that he loved the dedication from his players this offseason with the work they put in ready to carry on that bear pride.

“I don’t think they missed a single workout this summer, they’re up here all the time, ‘Hey coach let me in,’ and so they’re hungry for it and they want to prove to people that we are Gladewater and we’re still going to be good and they’re taking pride in it,” said Louvier.

“We have been working out before the season all day every day, just putting in that work so I feel like he will be great and we will do good,” Receiver Kollin Lewis.

Coach Louvier and this year’s Bears are searching for their team’s identity early in the season while trying to make a run this year.

“We want to play really good defense and whenever we have the ball, we want to control it and be able to run it good and still throw it if we have to the faster we come together as a team the better we’re going to be so we got to get to a point where we play hard for the guy next to us, not ourselves,” said Coach Louvier.

The bears open their season against the Dangerfield Tigers on August 26th at 7 p.m.

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