GRAND SALINE, Texas (KETK) — Head coach Joe Drennon is pushing the grand saline Indians, and they’re playing great football this season.

This is four years in the making, and he credits their success to a great off-season with dedicated players.

“I think the things we do on in the offseason in the weight rooms, on the track, and just our agility work. just all the stuff that goes into the off-season program is when you start winning on Friday night. We got kids that bought into the program and worked their tails off and do what we ask them to do,” says Drennon.

Although the Indians are sitting at 5-2 and unbeaten in the district, Coach Drennon is reminding his players to stay locked in each and every day.

“You win some ball games people are going to start coming around and praising you up and doing all that stuff but let’s keep the focus and don’t let that stuff get in your head we got to do the things out on the field each and every day starting on Mondays to make sure we’re successful on Fridays,” explains Coach Drennon.

“The big thing is coming off wins, you can’t get relaxed and think we’re just going to go win this game too, we got to put in the work every day so we got to stay focused on the little things and keep working,” adds senior receiver Brett Kindle.

Grand Saline says it’s an honor to see all of their hard work and dedication pay off as they have a chance to play for a district title.

“I like it a lot because a lot of people doubted us this year because we lost all of our good guys and it means a lot that we’re winning and everybody is starting to come around,” tells Senior quarterback Preston Anderson.

“It’s a really big deal, I’m excited and I think we’re all excited to go out there and compete and that’s what we love doing so we’re going to keep on doing it,” says Kindle.

Now the Indians have a matchup with the West Rusk Raiders and we will see who can stay unbeaten in district play.

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