HENDERSON, Texas (KETK) — After playing for the Henderson Lions, Trestan Ebner spent five seasons with the Baylor Bears, preparing himself for the next step in his football career, the NFL draft.

“I’m very excited you know I’m just grateful for this opportunity, it was a lot of work from a lot of people that helped me get here and I’m just glad that I was able to make it this far and show the kids in this building that it’s possible,” says Trestan Ebner.

“We’re really proud of Tresten and what he’s been through and how far he’s come and just the excitement every Saturday to watch him at Baylor. Just extremely excited for him,” smiles Clay Freeman.

Ebner was a swiss army knife at Baylor doing it all, playing receiver and running back, and says his skill set will translate to the NFL.

“I feel like it can help just get me a spot, if I can go in and show that I can catch passes and move the chains then it will help me get a spot on the team where I can develop as the every-down running back.”

Tresten Ebner

On his pro day, Trestan said he made some money and put his best foot forward.

“I feel like I’m willing and I’m ready to outwork anybody because we had to compete every day there,” adds Ebner.

Now he gets a chance to join the fraternity of East Texas NFL players and do so alongside friends and former rivals.

“it’s amazing those guys I grew up playing against them and you see the talent in those guys so for us all to be making it at the same time is just amazing,” explains Ebner.

Ebner is honored to represent the Henderson community and wants the younger generation to really focus on academics.

“I’m not the smartest person in the world but a degree is something that they cant take away from you so I want those guys to push for that more than they push to go to the next level in any sport,” declares Ebner.

The pre-draft resume is complete, now it’s time for Ebner to wait and see, where his hard work will take him, in the National Football League.