JACKSONVILLE, Texas (KETK) — The Jacksonville Fighting Indians are under new leadership with a new head coach.

Jason Holman, a Jacksonville native is pumped about taking over the place he called home.

“Very excited to be back in Jacksonville, it’s been a long time for me since college and high school that I been around Jacksonville this much so excited to be here and looking forward to a great year,” says Holman.

In his first season as coach, Holman wants to change the mentality of this historic program to one of toughness.

“We want that to be a core attribute for our football team, we want to be known as being tough, physical, and aggressive and we want to be that type of opponent for people,” adds Coach Holman.

“They’re improving every single day, working hard being physical and everything he is preaching,” senior Devin McCuin.

Players like senior quarterback Ryan McCown and receiver McCuin are stepping up and helping guys step into their roles.

“Trying to set an example out here and just trying to show a level of camaraderie within the team that obviously attracts people to it,” explains McCown.

“He knows what to do so when he is not in there, he is over on the side and he is talking to those kids and he is helping push them and get them to figure their stuff out. it’s those sorts of things that we want from our leadership,” tells Holman.

The fighting Indians are moving to 4A Division 1 joining the District of Doom, and coach Holman is ready for the challenge.

“There are no slouches in the district arguably the toughest region in the state… you got to show up and you got to play and you got to be physical and get after it,” explains Holman.

Coach Holman wants his players to fight for their brother beside them this season as the Jacksonville Indians look to bring pride, back to the Tribe.