(KETK) — Every game matters, but rivalries seem to be remembered far longer than others, especially when it comes to the F.M. 16 series between the Van Vandals and the Lindale Eagles.

“You can throw the records out, really doesn’t matter if we were both 0-2, it’s on, on Friday night, and everybody is there to watch it,” said Lindale head coach Chris Cochran.

“I think that’s one of the things that makes it such a rivalry being 15 miles apart, these guys grew up playing each other they play each other in pee-wee football, youth football, junior high and basketball, and everything all throughout the deal, so they know each other really well,” said Van head coach Jared Moffatt.

In Lindale, they know what it takes when it comes to building an offensive line, and take pride in running the football, and they are looking forward to the challenge of facing a swarming Van defense.

“They have some guys that play really hard, that’s what Van is, they are a really good football program, they play really hard I mean we are keying on number 14, wherever he is, that’s where we are going to block the ball, and we are going to run it right at him,” said Lindale center Trey Mazratian.

Number 14 just so happens to be Van linebacker Beau Barton, who last week had 14 tackles and two sacks in the Vandals’ win over Chapel Hill.

“Whenever somebody makes a big play it brings energy, everybody feeds off of that, and so when one good thing happens, you know, a lot of other good things happen, and everybody feeds off each other, and you know it’s a lot of fun,” said Barton.

So while this will be a non-district matchup, history, like all rivalries, will remember the outcome.

“They’re the town out west, that’s what we call them, and we’re really excited, the town is excited, and we’re ready to roll this week on the rivalry game,” said Mazratian.

“A lot of us know a lot of them, and so it’s personal, everything out there is personal, and we’re going to have to get after them,” said Barton.

Red versus Blue, Vandals versus Eagles, will be settled once again, under the Friday night lights, of yet another East Texas rivalry.

Kickoff will be at 7:30 Friday night from Van Memorial Stadium.