LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) — The Longview Lobos didn’t let a little rain get in the way in the words of Coach John King a little thump thump at spring practice.

“We made them a promise that we were going to get after it on Monday when we put those pads on and I think you saw it from our board drill we had going,” tells King. “We’re very excited.”

The Lobos are padded up and locked in on building off a successful 2021 campaign with 40 returning players along with 15 starters. These spring practices help Coach King learn about his team.

“You find out about your line of scrimmage, whose going to step up and whose going to play and who’s going to be physical and whose going to be able to execute whenever the helmet and shoulder pads come on,” adds Coach King.

“Us competing out here and going against each other like this, it angers us and gets us ready for the first game, trying to see who is going to be starting with us and seeing whose going to fight for all of us,” tells linebacker Tadarion Boone.

Longview’s defense feels they need to continue working on communication for them to be successful this upcoming season.

“We got to communicate better off the field too so we can get the communication better on the field,” says defensive back Willie Nelson.

“We go out here and we make a call over and over to make sure everybody got it on the field and look back and make sure you got the play,” adds Boone.

“There is experience there and the expectations to play at a high level is going to be there and I think they’re still hungry and I don’t think they’re complacent, none of them think they’ve arrived yet so there’s work to be done and we’re going to have to play better than last year if we want to play longer.”

Coach King

The Lobo secondary was young last season, but that year of varsity experience helped them mature.

“I was just impressed how they kept fighting and didn’t let the moment be too big for them and didn’t let mistakes carry over to the next play and defensively eliminate big plays and stay away from bone head mistakes whether its jump offsides on 3rd and three and giving them a first down and penalties you may have and misalignment you may have with certain formations,” tells Coach King.

As for the offensive side of the ball, the Lobos will be looking for a new starting quarterback, but no matter what, Coach King looks to put more points on the board this upcoming season.

“Well offensive standpoint it’s going to be cutting down on the negative plays and turnovers and produce more explosive plays,” adds Coach King.

The Lobos are putting the work in early, so they’ll be ready when it’s time to kick off another Longview football.