MALAKOFF, Texas (KETK) — Whenever you put that “M” on your helmet, and step on the field at Tiger Stadium you expect to be great!  

Malakoff head coach Jamie Driskell says the kids buy in every year and are now a player-led team battling each day.

“They push each other to make each other better, and that’s always a good thing,” said Driskell. “Competition makes everybody better, and they usually push each other in practice pretty well and in the off-season.”

“Well we love it you know we also love being underdog, you know, we have a ranking, but we don’t care about that so, you know, you just got to push harder, and every so I go hard every,” added senior Chauncey Hogg.

Tigers are led by junior quarterback Mike Jones who says his year of experience helped him settle into his role as the signal caller for Malakoff.

“I’m trying to be like that, guy they can look to and whenever they’re in doubt and they can just come to me and I’ll be like, got to lead them like to success,” said Jones.

“Just kind of one of those born natural born leaders and you know, the kids follow him, they believe in him and he believes in them,” said Driskell.

The Tigers made a deep playoff run to the state semis, which has bred a sense of confidence in Malakoff, and the coaches are preaching why not the Tigers for state in 2023.

“They are just saying why not us? You know, I can’t be as we always the smallest team so being small really doesn’t mean as long you a dog I had the heart so we’re going to be you know everything’s going to be,” declared Hogg.

“They are preaching hunt, and basically just go out there and be a dog, I guess, and just hit people as hard as you can, I mean, just go full speed, basically, is what they’re trying to preach,” exclaimed Jones.

Driskell wants guys to get better each day, building the legacy of Malakoff football.

The Tigers will open 2023 at home this Friday night when they host the West Rusk Raiders at 7:30 p.m.