MOUNT ENTERPRISE, Texas (KETK) — For the first time in nearly 5 years, the

Mount Enterprise Wildcats are playoff-bound, an accomplishment made even more special for the six seniors.

“It feels so good to come out here and just win all these games, have a winning season for once. Since my 8th grade year,” said senior Jack Maples.

“To finally get this is bittersweet, really bittersweet, well-deserved, feels very well deserved,” added senior Dawson Zarazinski.

“There’s a lot of great things happening here and we got a lot of great kids and that’s the reason why. So, you know, you put it all together, it’s awesome to make the playoffs, but that’s a little bit of a byproduct of just doing a good program and building and moving forward. And we think we’ll continue to improve in the future,” explained head coach Scott Ponder.

Throughout the trials and tribulations the Mount Enterprise community stuck by their side and it means everything to earn this postseason berth.

“The great guys in the locker room and so for the town to be there through the bad times, then to watch them enjoy it when we’re winning is that’s pretty special too,” smiled Zarzinski.

“The community’s ecstatic about the success that we’re having. Unwavering support is,” exclaimed Ponder.

“It’s great because my mom, she’s come to every single game and just to win her and be able to see the whole community out there because even on the games it’s like an hour away. We still have a good bit of the town show,” declared Maples.

Coach Ponder and his staff have changed the mindset of this program, encouraging them to expect success.

“We’re in a great place for the playoffs. It’s all just hogwash now we’re all in this win on Friday night,” said Ponder.

“Just the attitude of well we’re man enterprise we get beat all the time and then to expect to win games. It’s a great feeling when the whole team expects to win knowing we’re going to go in there having that that confidence. It’s been a very key factor,” added Zarzinski.

The playoffs begin Friday night, and while Mount Enterprise still has plenty to play for, they’ve also established a new foundation for Wildcat football.

Mount Enterprise will take on Deweyville this Friday night in Shelbyville at 7:00 p.m. in the bi-district round.