LIBERTY CITY, Texas (KETK) — It’s year two of the Cody Gilbert era at Sabine High School, and the Cardinals currently sit at 2-1 on the season, and the offensive line has been the catalyst to their success.

“So those guys up front have set the tone for us in every game that we played in so far. Last week against Waskom, we only threw the football five times and we are capable of throwing the football downfield, But we didn’t need to last week. And any time we’re able to do that, it sets you up for success,” explained Head Coach Cody Gilbert.

“Compared to last year. We have a lot more knowledge and we’re really getting into dudes and blocking them a lot better than we were last year. We’re getting to where we need to be,” added senior Dawson Brooks.

With a dominant o-line, the Cardinals are killing it in the run game with a three-headed monster in the backfield.

“Cade Silvertooth is a really physical kid for us, he’s hard to tackle, he’s had a lot of explosive runs this season, and then when he gets tired or something happens, we have number six him off the bench Cason Patterson and he’s done a great job. Cason’s got seven touchdowns through three games and when Cason touches the ball, it’s kind of our joke right now. It’s to be one or two plays and he’s hitting it really well,” added Gilbert.

“Because we just have so many options now this year with our with our tight-end packages, and it’s been really it just throws the defense completely off and it helps out a lot,” said senior Joseph Royce.

The Cardinals took up the mantra of “Get better every day” a saying the Sabine defense has taken to heart.

“I think our run defense is something that we’re really focused on reading our keys, being able to fit correctly, leverage the football like we’re supposed to, and then just our effort to the football. Our kids are playing really hard right now, but we’ve made some minor errors that lead to big plays. And so we’re trying to cut out those mistakes as we move,” explained Gilbert.

Setting a new tone for the Cardinals in Liberty City.

Sabine will host Mount Vernon this Friday night at 7:30 p.m. in our Fever Spotlight Game.